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Internal and External Paint Jobs

We have the painting discipline you skills. Be it painting outside or inside we will handle the job with thorough care. It pays in the long run to hire a team of experienced experts in what constitutes interior and exterior paint jobs. Why mull over and worry about sloppy painters when you can get the best in the business. Don’t worry and call a professional painter today.

Many painting companies believe that exterior and interior painting are interchangeable and require the same actions.

Exterior Painting

Here at Boca Raton Painters we know our outdoor painting. With external painting jobs we have to make sure your structure can withstand rain, cold, sun or anything the weather might make it go through. In Boca Raton the wonderful sun that made us move here in the first place can be a disaster for our houses. Peeling, paint vanishing, the sun can be great for relaxing by the pool with some margaritas, not for paint. Here at Boca Raton Painters we take this into account, different kinds of paint resist the harsh weather better. We worry about this because with superior care comes happier customers. Happier customers mean more business for us. Win, win for both parties. Interior decorating has a completely different approach than external painting.

Interior Painting

While external painting has it’s difficult there with internal color jobs we focus on having resistant paint that can withstand human contact and scratches. A lot of the times accidents happen, kids touching the walls, furniture being moved and leaving marks on the ceilings. This is why with internal painting you want to have the confidence that the paint will resist wear and tear. An investment with us is an investment with the future. Instead of having to paint your pad multiple times, just paint once. Quality before anything is our policy.

Resisting Time Through Paint

Whether we paint the inward part of your home or the outer part of your business, we will do the best job possible. Nothing is better for a business than a happy customer. We believe that when we do a good job for you, we will be the name you say to your friend when they ask you “Do you know any good painters”.

If you are ready to take the next step and make your house/office/building fulfill it’s potential then go ahead and call us at 561-902-3696

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